Why Does America Need the LandBank Team

All across America, there are thousands of abandoned properties, decreasing property values and adding unnecessary dangers to communities. Those cities end up financially responsible for those properties, reducing how much money they have to put towards community improvement initiatives.

Instead of letting those properties sit and reduce value of the homes and properties around them, real estate investors have the opportunity to buy and fix those properties, revitalizing the community while improving their portfolio. If cities were able to keep the financial drain of those properties, they’d be able to improve the life of everyone who lives there.

The Landbank Team teaches you the entire process of buying these properties and increasing the value of your real estate portfolio. We can help you start the process with resources and advice from experts in the field who do this for a living. The first person you will learn from is the Founder himself, Charles Noonan. He will help you start learning about investing by connecting you with resources that could help you buy your first property for as little as $1,000.

The investors of The Landbank Team share resources, allowing you to go into the process of buying and repairing homes without the same fears others often have. You will know which contractors are reliable, which stores may offer discounts, where to find funding, and so much more. We work with landbanks all across America, allowing you to buy wherever you want, whether that is where the price is lowest or close to home. The connections you get when you begin a membership or course here at The Landbank Team will help you get started with confidence.

Our mentors regularly have the resources and confidence to buy their first property within days of joining. What do you have to lose?

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