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Access. Find the best investments, nationwide

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…But using the right tools can quickly shift outcomes…

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…And allow you to focus on analyzing the data instead of compiling it

One bad investment based on bad or outdated data can eat away all your potential profits. Landbank Team Resources will allow you to stop gambling and start investing with one central view of tax sales nationwide.
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Here’s what you get with your new research superpowers

First and foremost, utilizing Landbank Team Resources will allow you to reclaim your most valuable asset…time. Creating investing efficiencies will allow you to Invest MoreMake More, and with More Confidence.

Advanced Research

Build searches based on your investment model

Stop wasting time, effort, and money sorting through properties that don’t match your purchasing criteria. Your searches can include one or all 60+ data filtering options.

Explore New Markets

Expand your net to leave the local competition in the dust

Some counties are more competitive than others, so stop beating your head against the wall. A simple search can reveal new opportunities you never knew existed.

Save and Notify

Never miss another opportunity

Once your search is saved, simply signup to be notified on a timeline that works for you, whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly.

Ancillary Services

A team of professionals at your fingertips

No need to manage more detailed due diligence elsewhere.  One-click buy now for title searches, drive-by inspections, detailed analysis, or a comps report on parcels nationwide.


Seamlessly track parcels through multiple rounds of review

Tag, grade, group, and add notes to your prospective investments to ensure you can seamlessly track them through your research process.

Extended Dataset

Protect your hard earned money

Comprehensive environmental data to identify at risk properties before you win them. Identify if the subject property is a known environmental hazard, how many nearby environmental hazards are present, and the environmental hazard status (i.e. – Low, Medium, High Risk).

Flexible Format

Research in a format that works for you

You have the flexibility to choose where and how you work. Whether you prefer to do your research in an Excel spreadsheet, or using the speed and visual appeal of a web application, either option is available. Keep a single source of truth with our drag and drop importer to keep all annotations up to date.

A sign up process so simple, you will be Investing Like The Pros In Minutes

1. Click “$99 per month”
The buttons will allow you to move along in the sign-up process.
2. Create an account
Enter some basic information so you can easily access your account whenever you need.
3. Start researching
Congratulations, you now have tax sale researching super powers to use as you wish!


Pricing that works for everyone

Benefit Check200 parcel views/mo
Benefit Check20 AVMs /mo
Benefit Check15 OTC lits /mo
Benefit Check3 Property Scope Reports /mo

You have questions and we have answers

Do you collect the historical sale results for each auction?

We collect sale results on most auctions nationwide, but if you have a particular auction in mind feel free to reach out to us via support.

Do you have a way to filter the list of parcels going to sale?

Yes, on our property search map page, you will find a list of different filter criteria you can use to better identify parcels that fit your investment model.

How do I learn more about how to invest in tax liens or tax deeds?

If you want to learn more about how to wisely invest in the tax sale space, we recommend visiting our blog for more information as well as sources for educational programs.

Do you populate the over the counter (OTC) lists on your platform?

Yes, the Over the Counter lists are collected and available to download in the as received form. These are updated on a monthly basis.

Do you have any discounts available?

We do have discounts available for users who wish to bundle their services as well as potential discounts for those who choose the Enterprise option.

How do I download a list of the parcels going to sale?

If you want to download a list of the parcels going to sale that includes data, you have two options. You can either purchase the standardized Excel spreadsheet of data for all parcels advertised for the sale. Or, once you have used the tagging function in the property report, you have the ability to download just those tagged and viewed parcels.

Do you update the list of parcels before the sale to remove those that have paid?

No, at this time we do not update the list of parcels with any that have been removed before the sale. The parcels generated include everything originally advertised to go to the sale.

How current is your data?

We aim to provide you with the latest and greatest information available for parcels. We do rely on the county for the bulk of our information so we are at the mercy of their information being accurate and complete as well as current.

Is there a way to download data for only the parcels that I am interested in reviewing?

Yes, on the property search map page, you can input your particular criteria to narrow down your search field and then choose parcels on the map from there.

When do you populate data for parcels going to auction?

Data for our parcel report information is populated usually four weeks before the date of the auction. This does fluctuate slightly in certain areas that do not release their lists in time. Examples included but are not limited to Texas, Georgia, Illinois, and South Carolina.

Which auctions are covered in the site?

All upcoming auctions for lien, deed, and redeemable deed sales are covered on the site.

How is my parcel count deducted?

It will deduct a parcel from your total count each time you access a Property Report. Searching and browsing doesn't count against your overall parcel allocation.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your subscription at any time through the setting panel of the application.

Are you part of a research team or fund?

Reach out to discuss our enterprise offering.
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