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Land banking involves acquiring, managing, and redeveloping vacant, abandoned, and tax-delinquent properties for productive reuse. Landbanks from across the United States share the mission to stabilize neighborhoods and create opportunities for revitalization by acquiring and developing abandoned and tax-delinquent properties. There are many available in and around Kansas City you could be taking advantage of.

The Landbank Team in Kansas City can help teach you how to get these dilapidated properties at a lower cost, provided you renovate them and bring them back to useful status. Our ultimate goal is to teach you how to buy and return these properties to productive use, increasing property values, and generating economic activity in Kansas City’s neighborhoods.

The Landbank Team in Kansas City Provides Resources and Guidance to Members

Those new to real estate investment are often nervous about the process or the red-tape often involved in early investments. By turning to the members here at The Landbank Team, we can help teach you how to avoid that red-tape, bypass your fears, and improve your confidence enough to get you started buying properties or land in no time at all.

Most of the people who turn to The Landbank Team get their first property for as little as $1,000, and many people have felt empowered enough from our resources and advice to buy their first property within days of starting their membership. We provide you with everything you need, from property lists to title companies that can clear up property titles, and so much more.

The Land Bank in Kansas City is one of the most successful land banks in the US, and its success is due to the strong partnerships it has forged with the City of Kansas City, Jackson County, and the Urban League. Besides, The Landbank Team also has storage facilities worldwide that facilitate the sharing of materials among members. This means you will have access to construction materials quickly and affordably. We will also connect you with professional and reliable contractors who can rebuild your property quickly.

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