Welcome to The Landbank Team’s Birmingham branch. Our goal is to help our members buy properties in and around Birmingham, Alabama. We want to help the city avoid paying for dangerous abandoned property, by helping connect investors to properties that can improve these properties, revitalizing the community as a whole. We collaborate with community authorities to identify tax-delinquent, abandoned, and vacant properties and show them to investors who can renovate and convert them into beneficial commercial or residential properties.

As a result, community struggles are lessened, neighborhoods are stabilized, civic and commercial redevelopment is facilitated, and overall community property values are raised, bringing such properties back onto the tax rolls.

What is the purpose of Landbank Birmingham?

There are many abandoned properties in Birmingham. The majority of these properties can be renovated and put to good use. The Landbank Team can help provide investors with resources that will help them purchase these properties to renovate and resell.

The properties are offered for $1,000 or more, so novice investors can become part of this process to begin or diversify their portfolios. The best thing about The Landbank Team is that we mentor investors in real estate investment and help them choose properties that suit their needs and grow their businesses.

Property owners abandon their properties for various reasons. Some of these properties also have unclear titles. With time, these obstacles often make property owners lose interest in these properties since they turn into liabilities rather than assets.

The Birmingham Land Bank Authority collaborates with city departments, businesses, non-profits, and citizens to empower citizens, increase property values, and remove these struggles. The Landbank Team helps provide the resources and connections for real estate investors to help buy up and improve these properties, revitalizing the community as a whole.

The fastest and easiest way to become a real estate investor is to acquire these abandoned properties, renovate them, and resell them. You can get them through The Landbank Team to gain access to materials, guidance, and mentorship on how to accomplish those goals. The Landbank Team of Birmingham will help clear up all the land titles and taxes issues, helping to make these properties available to investors.

You will be able to take ownership of these properties, provided you can improve them and make them habitable. Birmingham authorities no longer maintain the property delivered to you. The Landbank Team can help you with your finances and provide mentorship to help you invest wisely. Contact us today to learn more!

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