The Landbank Team branch in Atlanta is here to help provide you with resources so you can enter the real estate investment industry. We teach you what the steps are to finding and attaining properties through landbanks throughout the United States. Plus, we also help mentor you so you can make the most out of every real estate investment you make.

By definition, land banking is the process of acquiring, holding, and selling undeveloped land for future use. Local governments usually create land banks to help with urban renewal and redevelopment projects. The Landbank Team can allow you to acquire abandoned properties at prices below their market values. This will ensure you can get maximum profits from them.

Before acquiring a land bank property, renovate it to become a valuable commercial property. Atlanta has hundreds of abandoned buildings that still have the potential to be redeveloped and put to productive use. The Landbank Team can provide you with resources, like private lenders or title companies, where you can finance or close on your projects.

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Investing from The Landbank Team of Atlanta

The Landbank Team is unique in that we provide you with a huge variety of resources. We understand that people learn in different ways, so we offer things like mentorship where you can talk with people, livestreams where you can watch us (namely Founder Charles Noonan), and even chat areas where you can read questions and answers. Plus, our members love helping others avoid pitfalls they found during their journey. Learn from the mistakes of others, and start getting a hefty portfolio of real estate in no time, with The Landbank Team.

We believe that land banking is one of the most innovative ways to invest in real estate, as it offers many advantages over other strategies. Join us in our journey, and share your successes with us as you go!

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