Welcome to the Landbank Team of Anchorage, and take advantage of all the opportunities the landbank has to offer. We consider demolishing properties as the last resort since some abandoned properties can be renovated and put back to good use. That’s why we have built a community to landbank properties in Anchorage.

We mainly focus on tax-delinquent properties, abandoned properties, or properties that have been neglected for whatever reasons. When you join our team, you can get the opportunity to own any of these neglected properties, renovate them, and resell them to make profits.

The importance of the LandBank Team in Anchorage

With the increasing number of abandoned properties in Anchorage, there is a security concern among the populace. Many property owners fear that these properties are an eyesore and will lead to a decline in their property values.

Some of these abandoned properties are structurally sound and need a little touch-up and modification to make them useful. The only option for structures that cannot be repaired is to bring them down to make way for new buildings.

Investors Can Get Properties Affordably

The best thing about Landbank Team is that we sell properties for less than their market values, meaning you can buy multiple properties simultaneously to build your portfolio. In fact, the properties we sell do not cost more than $1,000. We work alongside local authorities, real estate agents, and individuals to identify undesirable properties in Anchorage that we can sell to our members.

Investors can share resources and materials

By joining the Land Bank Team, you will be welcomed into a family of other investors, some with several years of experience in real estate. You will learn from them and share resources like materials and contractors, as well as information on the best way to go about your business.

We have storage facilities worldwide that you can use to source your materials cheaply. Our experts will always be on hand to ensure your investment bears fruit.

What Do We Do with the Properties We Receive?

There are two categories of dilapidated structures: those that can be renovated and those that can’t be refurbished. Once we receive a property, we will send our experts to inspect it. The report from the experts will determine whether the property can be renovated or must be demolished. We will initiate either of the processes immediately to make the land on which the property sits useful. We understand that these abandoned properties can be dangerous to society and should not be left in their current state.

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